The Critic!

From 1989 to 1992 my comic strip, "The Critic!", was published monthly by Harpoon Magazine in San Francisco.  After Harpoon went out of business, it was published weekly in LA View, a weekly alternative, from 1992 to 1994.  LA View was bought out by a large media conglomerate and they fired everyone on the staff including me.  It was actually kind of a relief since it took me about 6-8 hours every week to produce the strip.  I was paid $20 per week which worked out to about three dollars an hour.  I was close to ending the strip but it still felt bad to be forced to quit.  So in 2000, I put "The Critic!" to rest by drawing the final episodes.  I also redrew and repainted many of my favorite older strips (since many of them were badly drawn) and compiled them in a book.  Now these comics are available for your viewing pleasure below.